Timeless Beauty's LED Light Therapy Mask

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Get That Glow Back Whenever You Need

Aren’t you tired of not having clear and healthy skin that glows? 

Our NEW Led Face Mask has been created to ensure that your skin looks that best it can possibly be. No matter what stage of life you're in, using our quality skin care products can make your skin look healthier and feel amazing, whether you're battling acne or seeking to appear more youthful but yet natural.  

Trusted By Many Happy Australians:                                


Join Happy Australian Customers who have bought / enjoyed / experienced healthy and amazing looking skin.

With our LED Light Therapy Mask, you can enjoy healthy, renewed skin in the comfort of your own home. Our LED Light Therapy Mask uses a combination of red, blue, and amber LED light technology to decrease the signs of ageing, eliminate acne-causing bacteria, stop breakouts, repair sun damage, and restore the overall appearance of your skin.

Who Has Used Our Product                                                                           

With our customers seeking to share their amazing outcomes, our Face Mask has been causing quite a buzz online. Our Mask has appeared in the media numerous amount of times even with some of the most well-know celebrates wearing it with one of them being Kourtney Kardashian. Our product also has also consistently been named in one of the best LED Light Therapy in Australia.

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Benefits Of The Led Face Mask 

✅ Look Younger 

✅ Have Healthier Skin 

✅ Reduces Wrinkles & Fine Lines

✅ Removes Germs That Causes Acne, Soothes & renews Dry, Lifeless Skin

✅ Stops Outbreaks

✅ Happy Australian Customers

✅ Australian Owned, Operated & Shipped Locally (Fast & Free Delivery Australia Wide + Shipped From Australia)

✅ Risk-Free - 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

The Best Led Face Mask You Will Ever Buy 

Our Led Face Mask are supported by science and skin specialists and are proven by them to make your skill feel and look the best it possibly can. Made by skin specialists around the globe, our LED Face Mask, will put both your regular face mask and led face mask to shame. Our Led Face mask has different modes that do different things. The blue light stimulates blood circulation and destroys bacteria, the red light enhances cell activity and stimulates metabolism, which helps people look brighter and the orange light successfully tightens pores to build healthy skin, enhance dull skin, and make skin more glamorous.

Why Do You Need a Led Face Mask?

Using a normal face mask is a terrible way to try and help your skin look the best in a short time frame. This makes you buy different face masks numerous times from the shops, wasting both your time and the time to make your skin glow again.

Face masks are a slower way to help your skin become brighter and also healthier. By using our Led Face Mask you can use it whenever and wherever you want essentially saving you time and also money


Feel safe with a 14 Day Money Back Guarantee - We are Australia’s leading Beauty store, feel free to contact us within 14 days of arrival and receive a FULL REFUND!

Features of the Led Face Mask: 

1. Transparent design; it won't obstruct your view; you may use it to check your phone or watch a movie while applying makeup.
2. It has a soft silicone nose pad to prevent dents, stop the led facial mask from slipping down, and scatter the photons more evenly.
3. Without removing the LED Face Mask, you may select the modes using the handy touch switch on the left side of the mask.
4. The light activates skin cells, generating energy that can be absorbed by the skin's components to improve your complexion.
5. Easy to maintain; all that is required after usage is to wipe the main body with a dry cloth.

Treatment Modes for 3-Color Spectroscopy Technology:

Blue light stimulates blood circulation and destroys bacteria.

Red light enhances cell activity and stimulates metabolism, which helps people look brighter. 

Orange light successfully tightens pores to build healthy skin, enhance dull skin, and make skin more glamorous.

Treatment Modes for 7-Color Spectroscopy Technology:

Blue – Helps to eliminate bacteria
Red – May lead to an increasing in collagen production
Yellow – Alleviates redness from skin
Green – Balances the skin by reducing pigmentation
White – Revitalises and boosts the skin
Cyan – Soothes irritated skin
Purple – Increases facial rejuvenation

Please Note: 

*3-in-1 comes with and requires USB connection.

*7-in-1 comes with a charger and is cordless during operation.

*Mobile phones above Iphone 7 CANNOT be powered to the device, it is suggested to connect power bank or other power supply. Mobile phones with OPP and VIO system can be powered to the device after the phone is set to turn on OTG.

*Pregnant women, epilepsy patients, thyroid patients, light allergies are NOT recommended to use.

*Stay away from fire and corrosive liquidcan NOT washcan NOT load-bearing.

*Non-professional disassembly or repair by yourself is impractical. 

*Due to the light and screen setting difference, the item's real color may has slight difference. 

*Please allow slight dimension difference due to different manual measurement.

*Thank you for your kindly understanding.

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